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Business Identity and Logo Design


Whether you have a new business start-up or an organization that would benefit from an identity refresh, together, we’ll create a logo and identity that reflects your business goals and mirrors who you are and what you stand for.

Unlike many other design firms that rush their clients through the decision-making process while offering limited choices, we’ll go through an in-depth process of creating the exact design you love.

Visually identifying and communicating your business through branding and logos is much more complicated than just a quick logo. After all, with all the digital tools out there, just about anyone can throw one together these days.

But branding is more than just a logo!

Branding is the identity of your business. Before our pen meets the paper, we spend time understanding who you are as a company, who you are as an owner, your goals for the future, the problems you solve, the audience you help… understanding these nuances is what creates a truly memorable brand.

Ande’s design sense and attention to detail was impressive. She was very dependable and demonstrated a great sense of creativity. She was open to my opinions and delivered me exactly the product I wanted.


Popular Questions

How does the process work?

We’ll meet together to discuss you and your company in depth. After that, we’ll provide 6-12 rough, black and white concepts. After you narrow down to your favorite concept, we’ll start to add color options and then font options. By the end of the extensive process, you will have chosen the perfect logo for your company!

How long and how much?

For a simple logo the price depends on several factors, but it usually takes no less than 5 hours and depending on the complexity, could reach up to 10-15 hours. If your business is ready to dive deeper and create a branding package, we would approximate a scope of 30-40 hours.

The hourly rate will be determined before we begin and the process can be as quick as one week up to one month depending on the scope. 

After hours of research and sketching, we send you several rough concepts and you’ll choose your favorite.
After you choose your favorite, sometimes we’ll send a second round of variations on just one concept.
Then, we’ll send several color variations for you to narrow down.
Finally, we’ll send you high-resolution graphics in all the variations you could possibly need for your marketing.

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