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Preliminary Agreement

Maintenance and Hosting:

  • CMS, Theme, & Host: I only work with WordPress with a Salient theme. My preferred host is GoDaddy and SecureServer. If you do not have a host or domain, I will create a SecureServer account for you. If your current site is on a shared server, I will require a transfer for your own account before I touch anything.
  • Annual Costs: The approximate cost to have a standard website is around $250/year and that is a charge straight from the host. It includes hosting, a domain, backups, an SSL (required) and basic security. 
  • Maintenance: I require a maintenance plan with an automatic payment method. Sites break all the time and must be fixed and updated every few days. 
  • SEO: Upon launch, I usually provide very basic on-page SEO depending on the project budget. But rising in the search engine ranks is more complicated and an SEO plan can be decided through our discussions. 


  • Invoices: Everything I do for you is recorded on a time clock, including research, meetings, extended travel, and any tasks associated with the project. I send an invoice around the 1st day of the month for all work completed the month prior. All invoices need to be paid within 30 days at the latest. 
  • Estimates: All estimates are exactly that. We will discuss your budget constraints before I begin.
  • Your Credit/Debit Card: Anything with a recurring charge, such as software, hosting, domains, etc. will be connected to your own credit card so you have full control. Usually ask you to text me a photo of the front and back of your card so I can put it in my digital security vault for future purchases.
  • Contract: I don’t require a contract. But if we’re just not a good fit, you’ll need to pay all fees up to the day we agree to stop working together. 

How I Work: 

  • Speed of work: The faster I get the information and content I need, the faster I can work and prefer not to start until I have what I need. Most sites can be completed within 30 days, but it depends on the project size, scope, speed of your communication back to me, and content.
  • Communication: Email is always preferred but calls can be arranged. Depending on the urgency, it may take a day+ to get back to you. I take weekends off to recharge.

My Team: 

  • Depending on the project, I may bring along more staff members to assist. In some specialty cases, their rates may be higher than mine or may have a project-based fee such as a promo video or photo session. 

Sound good?

Please type your name below to acknowledge this and we’ll get started!