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Website Maintenance

Why is WordPress Maintenance Necessary?

WordPress maintenance is crucial for ensuring the optimal performance, security, and stability of your website. Here's why regular updates to themes, plugins, the WordPress core, and PHP are essential:

Security Enhancements

Updating WordPress, themes, and plugins helps to patch security vulnerabilities that may have been discovered. Hackers constantly search for weaknesses in websites, and outdated software becomes an easy target. By staying up-to-date, you reduce the risk of your website being compromised or hacked.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Updates often include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features. These improvements not only make your website run smoother but also provide a better experience for your visitors. Ignoring updates can lead to compatibility issues, broken features, or functionality errors.


With each update, developers strive to ensure compatibility with the latest web technologies and standards. Failing to update can result in plugins or themes becoming incompatible with newer versions of WordPress or PHP. This can lead to glitches, errors, or even complete website downtime.


Optimized Performance

Outdated software can slow down your website’s performance. Updates often include optimizations that improve loading times and overall responsiveness. A fast website not only enhances user experience but also positively impacts search engine rankings.

Continued Support

Developers regularly provide support and assistance for their products. However, as software evolves, older versions may no longer receive support. By keeping everything updated, you ensure access to ongoing support and assistance when needed.

Protection Against Vulnerabilities

WordPress, themes, plugins, and PHP are all developed by multiple contributors. Whenever vulnerabilities are identified, updates are released to address these issues. Failing to update exposes your website to potential security breaches and data loss.

In conclusion, neglecting WordPress maintenance leaves your website vulnerable to security threats, performance issues, and compatibility problems. By staying proactive and regularly updating your themes, plugins, WordPress core, and PHP, you safeguard your website’s integrity and provide a secure and seamless experience for your visitors.

Advanced Website CareFor Growth-Minded Businesses

$ 250

Per Month
  • Regularly ensure backups, firewalls, and security are all functioning properly
  • Professional, costly plugins included
  • Continually manage theme and plugin updates
  • Improve Google Page Speed
  • Improve website user interface/experience
  • Suggest improvements on website
  • Improve SEO functionality on images and text
  • Connect to or start Google Analytics account to assist in suggestions
  • Add page-specific keywords for content
  • Quick content updates are complimentary.
  • Includes complimentary time to fix the site if it is hacked or goes down. 

Basic MaintenanceGreat Care on a Budget

$ 100

Per Month
  • Continually manage theme and plugin updates
  • Professional, costly plugins included
  • Regularly ensure backups, firewalls, and security are all functioning properly
  • Improve Google Page Speed
  • Improve website user interface/experience
  • Some quick content updates are complimentary.
  • Includes up to 3 hours per month to fix the site if it is hacked or goes down. 

Bare MinimumA Plan to Grow with You

$ 25

Per Month
  • Keep theme and plugins up to date every month. This is one of the major causes of hack attacks. 
  • Professional, costly plugins included
  • The safety of knowing someone is keeping an eye on your website in case of any minor or major issues.
  • Does not any content updates or time to fix the site if it is hacked or goes down. 

Extra Services

Content Updates

Content updates including text and images can be completed on an as-needed basis for our hourly rate but billed down to the minute to keep your costs very low. 

Advanced Developer

Websites are extremely complex in nature and constantly being updated with the latest code. Sometimes a site element may break, the site might be unresponsive, you might get hacked, and sometimes you might need advanced, custom functionality that includes CSS and HTML. In all these cases we may need to call upon our developer to save the day. Developer work starts at $100/hour. 

Security Maintenance 1-on-1 Training

If you prefer to take care of the bare-bones maintenance and security updates yourself, I will train you on how to do it. 

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